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Spill Your Guts (5 viewing)
  If none of the other forums make your blood boil, spill your guts here!!!!
   Moderator:  Caretaker, Tony Soprano, EdgarAllen, Knifey 
5650 66472 * Re: RIP Marilyn Burns
    (EK20) - 08/06/14 01:14 AM
General Horror General Horror Threads Posts Last post
Asian Horror
  It came from the East!!!!
   Moderator:  Knifey, Tony Soprano, korosh1ya 
1209 6729 * Re: lady vengance
    (Mulla_Xul) - 01/07/13 05:51 PM
  The Studios that changed the way we watch horror.
   Moderator:  HammerFanatic, Howler, Tony Soprano, Knifey 
523 3234 * Re: Japanese Dracula found...
    (Brian) - 03/22/14 08:43 AM
Eurohorror (1 viewing)
  Fulci, Argento, Deodato, De Ossorio, Lenzi, Soavi, and more.
   Moderator:  MojoNexus, Howler, Tony Soprano, Knifey 
567 4006 * Suspiria
    (Matt) - 03/23/14 03:38 PM
Classic Horror
  Uncanny, terrifying, Movies Aghast from the Past!
   Moderator:  The Creature, MojoNexus, Tony Soprano, Knifey 
519 3282 * Re: RIP Charles B Pierce
    (jalarcon) - 11/26/12 01:26 PM
Independent Horror
  The future of Horror.
   Moderator:  Citizen_Tallee, GuywiththeGun, Tony Soprano, Knifey 
521 2974 * Submit your horror film to...
    (AustinnFilmFest) - 05/14/14 10:50 AM
Horror TV
  Terror on the tiny screen
   Moderator:  Tony Soprano, Knifey, Howler 
24 241 * The Twilight Zone
    (Matt) - 03/21/14 10:46 AM
Horror Music
  Terror tunes that rot your brain!!!!
   Moderator:  Savage 
6 157 * Re: thought this one was g...
    (HAMMERoftheGODS) - 01/01/12 04:38 PM
Genres Genres Threads Posts Last post
  Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm St, come slash with panache. Enter if you dare!!!!!
   Moderator:  Savage, Jen, Citizen_Tallee, Tony Soprano, Knifey 
2178 19820 * Re: Curtains & Funeral...
    (EK20) - 12/19/13 07:35 AM
Creature Feature
  From horrific beasts to the walking dead. What sort of creatures haunt your nightmares?
   Moderator:  Tony Soprano, EdgarAllen, Knifey 
677 7726 * zombie movies I've recentl...
    (Matt) - 03/21/14 09:55 AM
Exploitation (1 viewing)
  From Last House on the Left and beyond.
   Moderator:  Howler, Tony Soprano, Knifey 
403 3697 * Re: SNOWTOWN
    (Mulla_Xul) - 01/07/13 05:59 PM
Resources Resources Threads Posts Last post
Horror DVDs (3 viewing)
  The latest horror on DVD.
   Moderator:  Caretaker, Tony Soprano, Knifey 
751 6293 * Re: whats the last dvd or ...
    (KAB) - 07/15/14 06:02 PM
Hell of the Living Reviews
  Post your Reviews here!!
   Moderator:  Caretaker, Tony Soprano, Knifey 
261 1356 * Re: Curse of Chucky
    (EK20) - 10/02/13 07:44 PM
Terror Bytes
  Focusing on all horror gaming from the PC to role-playing.
   Moderator:  GuywiththeGun, Misfit, Tony Soprano, Knifey 
1280 8478 * The misinformation of Misf...
    (Fantomas) - 12/22/13 12:53 AM
Horror Literature
  The written world of horror.
   Moderator:  EdgarAllen, Tony Soprano, Messiah, Knifey 
523 3697 * Re: What Are You Reading?
    (EK20) - 09/17/13 08:02 AM
News News Threads Posts Last post
New in the Theater
  Talk about what's now playing on the silver scream.
   Moderator:  Caretaker, Tony Soprano, Knifey 
494 6131 * Re: The Conjuring / WWZ
    (EK20) - 07/23/13 07:51 AM
Coming Soon
  News, rumors, and more on upcoming releases. Post it here!!!!
   Moderator:  Caretaker, Tony Soprano, Knifey 
266 2250 * I Am Dracula
    (SeraphimPics) - 08/15/14 04:48 AM

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