(Living Dead)
02/16/12 11:14 PM
Re: Quarantine 2

I didn't think Q2 was nearly the hot mess as reported. Granted, it's no where near the quality of [REC] 2, but I still had a reasonably good time with it.

** Minor Spoilage Ahead **

Make up and effects were not fantastic, but decent. Pretty crappy acting no doubt. However I thought the overall plot was decent and held up thru the entirety of the movie. It did suffer when it came to some of the details, tons and tons of plot holes to overlook. Was hard to get past all the crazy shit that was allowed on the plane: rats, a cat, a handgun, a blowjob right out in the open, etc. But I did like the claustrophobic feel of the cabin. Really thought they did a great job there. Having flown a hell of a lot over the years with my job, I thought the interior sets for the plane felt about as close to actually being on an aircraft as I have ever seen in a movie.

Also liked how they eventually tied up the story to the first Quarantine film. The plot does switch gears in a like manner to [REC] 2, but Q2's story twist isn't nearly as jarring as in [REC] 2. I never felt like the story lost it's way or got convoluted.

I do agree there is a noticeable drop in quality between the first and second Quarantine films. This movie isn't as exciting and has some sleepy sections here and there, so in that respect I agree Q2 could be considered a dog. But just as a stand alone effort, I was fine with this film. I've sat thru much shitter horror movies that were still worthwhile to me.

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